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I travel a lot so that's why I'm single :)
Gender Female
Country United States
City Kissimmee
State Florida 
Height 5'7"
Eye Color Green
Age 29
Smoker No 
Body Type Athletic  
Hair Color Brown
Ethnicity Mixed Race
Looking For A Friend  
Do you drink? No  
Profession Unemployed  
Willing to relocate? No way
Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single 
Do you have children? No 
Do you want children? Want Children 
Education Level HS Graduate
God,Acting,Singing,Being Awesome, Laughing, Joking, Talking, Maybe You?? Dunno ;)
About Me
My name is Alisha. :)
I like being called Lish though because if someone calls me 'Alisha' I'm usually in trouble. :( It's also one sylabal as opposed to three! You're welcome ;)

I'm a born again Christian and I take my religion quite seriously. Don't worry though, I'm not one of those people who quotes the Bible nor tries to shove the Bible down your throat (I try and save that for the second date. KIDDING) I'm kind of sarcastic with some of my humor I guess? :)

But anyways on a more serious level, I was involved in a near fatal car accident on February 4, 2009. The car accident was in Pennsylvania and my body went into a coma for a month after. The thing that sucks is that I had to relearn how to do EVERYTHING. :( It hasn't been easy getting to where I am now, but I'm a determined girl. Apparently God wasn't ready for me yet :) My brain filter was damaged due to my car accident so please know that any compliment that I may give you is sincere!! Also my car accident damaged my short term memory; think of the movie 50 first dates :(

I'm single because I travel. Some guys don't think that they can handle me going from state to state. It sucks but one of these days, one guy can handle it. :)

I am not looking for love because most of you don't take this site seriously. I do but whatever. I'm just looking for friends

I'm Pittsburgh, PA bred. Gooooo Steelers
Watch my video. I am sort of famous ;)

Here is a list of things that I usually look for in a guy :
Christian or Catholic - REQUIREMENT (I take my faith VERY SERIOUSLY)
Older than me - REQUIREMENT ( I'm currently 23 and I'll date up to 10years older than me. )
Taller than me - REQUIREMENT (I'm 5'7)
Attractive - Duh REQUIREMENT
Smells good :) - REQUIREMENT
Accent - Not a requirement but it will score you points with me :-D
A good actor - Not a requirement
A good singer - Not a requirement
Plays musical instrument - Not a requirement
A good smile - REQUIREMENT
Looks good without a shirt on - REQUIREMENT! :-o
No children from a previous relationship - ehhh Requirement

I'm Italian, Irish, German, & African American (a Halfrican)

I find it funny when guys lie about their age. Like seriously, you look like you could pass as a grandpa yet your profile says that you're only 24?!! C'mon >:-l
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Age between 25 to 28.
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