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Explain to me...Human Chemistry, instead of "Hi".
Gender Male
Country United States
City Tyler
State Texas 
Height 6'0"
Eye Color Brown
Age 65
Smoker Occasionally 
Body Type Average  
Hair Color Bald
Ethnicity Black
Religion Christian
Looking For A Talk/Email Buddy  
Do you drink? 1 or 2 on occasion  
Profession Security  
Willing to relocate? Possibly, who knows
Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced 
Do you have children? Yes but they're grown 
Do you want children? Does Not Want Children 
Education Level 4 Yr College Degree
I would actully like to find my future wife. But, Chat and Email Buddy will have to do for now, I suppose. Looking for what appeals to my senses. The rest will follow. Anything but jumping out of a perfectly good running aircraft, or tying a rubber band
About Me
I wouldn't mind a PenPal/E-Mail friend. Intelligence, and the ability to express yourself...required. soul mate.
Every male patriarch had serious flaws. I'm no different.
I am finally interested in ONE.

One, just right for me, my EVE.

The ONE who my Father in Heaven has prepared simultaneously throughout her life to finally merge with me.

I believe that we will know each other at first sight. On this dating site, if she is here, I will be able to view her recent photographs of not only her pretty face (her hair, her soft eyes, her genuine smile, her kind face), but her full-length body as well (adorned with femininity; well kept, height/weight in proportion).

She will NOT express a cantankerous/negative/overbearing/selfish spirit, but one of meekness, joy, forgiveness, patience, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness, understanding, love and peace.

I will just...know that her maturity stems from denying herself (hopes, dreams, fears, future, past) and has laid all at the foot of the Cross...trusting, faithfully, the power gifted to her by the Word.

I await her gentle voice; her softness; the gentle caress of her hand (not a tight hold, but a trusting...touch).

We will have already learned that we, as CALLED, have been imbued with a tremendous amount of love...the capacity to love many, as we are both about our Fathers, the commitment, maturity, and communication will be based NOT on sand (lust, materials, the world), but on the ROCK that is unshakable; unencumbered by jealousy (which clips wings) as we each reach out to the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven...encouraging; leading; guiding, and teaching all that we, and our true King holds dear.

I am not a pastor. I am just trying to be an obedient servant. I am only one who read Revelation chapters 1-3, and found myself...wanting. That means that I was not ready AT ALL, nor worthy for the Alpha and Omega. Within those letters to the Saints, I realized that I NEEDED to return to my first love. I NEEDED to face my own fallen condition (born...dying). I NEEDED to admit and confess that condition (SIN), and REPENT from thinking that I have the power to do ANYTHING to cure that condition. I NEEDED to bow to the ONLY ONE, and the only thing on the planet that held the cure for a condition that would ultimately sentence me to darkness, death, shame, separation from the Light, and utter, eternal destruction (HELL).

The truth of it swallow.

Even though I knew the Word...I was, according to the Word, heading down the easy, wide path. The world had me right where it wanted me. Concerned with its cares; looking and listening to its convoluted, desolate, chatter and images only drew me nearer the edge of the loss of my SOUL.

REPENT!? What IS that? But God LOVES me. He wouldn't send me to that horrible place. He...wasn't sending me there...I, was sending me there. The accuser LIED to me. He twisted the doctrine of GRACE around and said that I could do's ok...look at those movies; TV shows; read those books; go to that place. But...the one who has written my name in the Book of Life says that He has the power to BLOT OUT MY NAME...IF...I don't wash my own robes; work out my salvation with trembling and fear. There are things about the flesh that I MUST decide to put away...or face the words...DEPART FROM ME, YOU WORKER OF INIQUITY, FOR I NEVER KNEW YOU. where you find me...undone...a naked and ashamed before the Lion of Judah. It is an IMPOSSIBLE task. What do I do? I cannot...wash my robes.

NOTHING is impossible with God. I humble myself before the Lamb of God. As I seek His face, in the power of His Blood, of HIS Word in me, it's HIS will, not mine, that I finally gain true favor (grace).

The NARROW road is described as the most difficult. Why? Because to travel it, one must go against the grain of his/her own fleshy wants/needs/desires. Walking the narrow road, to the world, is unfashionable, unrealistic, unreasonable, albeit...foolishness.

There are even consequences for walking the road that few find. When I began down that narrow path (reading, and listening to Gods Word), I began to notice my needs, changing; my wants, shuffled around; my desires, focusing on the will of the Father. My ears opened up to what is TRUTH. My eyes started seeing the whole creation (universe) from the largest known star, right down to the smallest molecule that God created to hold all things together...laminnin.

Things about the world that I tolerated before, I'm being given a new heart, and a new mind. The philosophies; religions; political policies; financial greed of man...I'm beginning to see through His eyes. The RELATIONSHIP with the Ruler and God of the universe is not religion, for He is at war with religion.

I perceive the Throne Room of The Trinity...ALL THINGS ARE NEW. I see, from the Word of God the beginning, the middle, and the end.

If you made it this far...your King is calling you out of the world. To be conformed into His image...for His name sake...not yours. Jesus...the Messiah...loves you. Call (say) His name...He will make you new.
First Date
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Night Life/Church
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